Little girl on a beach vacation | Oklahoma City Photographer August 2017

I posted these photos to Facebook a while back, but I decided to do a blog about them.  We took the kiddos to Orange Beach, Alabama for our summer vacation this year.  Last year I was sick the entire vacation and didn't get many photographs of my kids playing in the ocean, so I was determined to make it happen this year.  I bought this dress for Katie a month or so before vacation and didn't actually have plans on using it at the beach, but it worked out perfectly.  She is usually a good sport about photoshoots, but it was extra fun for her since I told her she could get in the water wearing her dress.

Black and white image of little girl wearing dress walking out of the ocean.
Black and white photo of little girl dancing in the ocean in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Black and white image of little girls foot dancing in the sand at the beach.
Black and white image of little girl wearing dress running out of the ocean at Orange Beach Alabama.
Black and white image of little girl running down the beach.

I had actually planned on these being in black and white before I shot them, however, I did have to edit one in color.

Color image of little girl wearing pink dress dancing on the waters edge at Orange Beach, Alabama.

For these images I used my Canon 6d and 50mm lens, edited in Photoshop.  We were just outside of our condo right before sunset.  Luckily the beach was pretty empty.

TIPS for shooting at the ocean:  from my experience, you will need to let your camera adjust to the humidity, at least at the Gulf.  Don't expect to walk outside and begin shooting.  Your camera will be fogged over and it does take a while for it to clear.  Be really careful and try to keep the sand off your camera.  Orange beach has really fine sand and it gets everywhere!  For that reason, I used my 6d instead of my Mark IV.  When we go down to play and I want to get candids of the kids building sandcastles or floating in the water, I usually bring a ziplock bag to keep the sand and water off my camera.  This has worked well the last three years.  Enjoy yourself and make sure to get a photo of you!  Your kids need it and you won't regret it.

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