Family winter getaway to Orange Beach, Alabama with a few stops along the way | Oklahoma City Photographer Amanda Lynn Jan 2018

Our family loves to vacation and we love spending time at the beach, so what better way to spend our winter break than at our favorite beach destination, Orange Beach, Alabama.  Orange Beach is a family friendly town.  We first stayed there in 2015 and have gone back every year since.  We stay at a condo with a small balcony over looking the beach.  I enjoy watching the dolphins swim by while drinking my morning coffee and the kids love playing in the sand.  The trip to Orange Beach is doable in one day, however, we sometimes like to split it up and find new adventures along the way.  This trip we stopped in Baton Rouge and toured the USS Kidd, a destroyer ship turned museum, sitting on the Mississippi River.  I have a fascination with Navy ships and now that the kiddos are older, they enjoy exploring the ships, too.  If you are passing through the area and have some time, I recommend checking this place out.  

Siblings standing in front of the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge, LA.
Black and white image of siblings standing and hugging in front of the USS Kidd is Baton Rouge.
Little boy wearing coat and hat, standing on the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge.
Little boy wearing coat and hat, running on the USS Kidd towards camera in Baton Rouge, LA.
Siblings wearing coats and hats, sitting on bench on the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge.
Siblings exploring the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge, LA.

They have several of these statues in Baton Rouge along the river and outside the museum.  They are all posed differently and the kids loved mimicking them.

Siblings mimicking statues outside of the USS Kidd museum in Baton Rouge, LA.

After exploring Baton Rouge, we continued on to Biloxi, where we stayed the night at Harrah's across from the ocean.  The hotel itself was nice and Kevin won playing craps.  The kiddos love staying at hotels, so Biloxi was a win for our family!  The next morning we headed to Orange Beach, our home away from home.  It was unusually cold the week we stayed, but cooler temps did not stop us from enjoying the beach. 

Siblings wearing coats, standing on the beach looking at each other in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Kids wearing coats and stalking caps, running on the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Little girl wearing pink winter hat, laying on the sand at Orange Beach, Alabama.

I seriously love it there.  It is my happy place.  The photo below is the pier at the condo next to the one we stay in.  This is where we have spent the last three summers, running, playing, swimming and relaxing.  I look at this photo and see my kiddos running on the beach, or swimming with their dad in the water.  This was taken at sunrise in January 2018. 

Four Seasons Pier, Orange Beach, Alabama by Amanda Lynn.
Alabama Point, Orange Beach by Amanda Lynn
Rocks and Waves at Alabama Point, Orange Beach, Alabama by Amanda Lynn.
East Entrance at Alabama Point, Orange Beach, Alabama by Amanda Lynn.

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Oklahoma City Photographer, Amanda Lynn 2018