Urban locations for Senior Portraits in Oklahoma City by Oklahoma Senior Photographer Amanda Lynn February 2019

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High School Senior Portrait Locations



You’ve scheduled your senior photoshoot, or maybe you are thinking about scheduling it, but aren’t sure where to begin? When you book your senior session with me, I send you a questionnaire to get more information about you and your style. In my questionnaire I ask what type of locations you might want to use and most seniors say they don’t know. I get it, planning everything for your senior year gets overwhelming, and that’s why I’m here to help! I want your session with me run as smoothly as possible for you and your parents. I’ve put together a few examples of urban Oklahoma City locations below.

Automobile Alley

About half of my OKC high school seniors want to use Automobile Alley for one of their locations. I mean, it is kinda cool to get professional photos taken in one of you and your friends favorite selfie spot, right? There is a TON to offer in Automobile Alley. Seriously, a ton! I love Coffee Slingers! It is great for coffee shop photos, and the employees are always super nice. There are graffiti walls, solid walls, painted brick, rooftops, the list goes on. And, when we are done, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Senior girl with long blonde hair, wearing blue jeans, heels, and yellow summer shirt, sitting on concrete pilar in automobile alley in Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma high school senior girl wearing black pants, mustard yellow shirt, standing in front of maroon painted brick wall in Automobile Alley in OKC by Amanda Lynn.
High school senior girl with long brown hair, wearing black pants and a jean jacket, sitting on concrete in from of a graffiti wall in Automobile Alley.

The Plaza District

Ah, the Plaza District. Such a fun and sometimes forgotten about place to take senior photos. This place has so much to offer! There is a super cute vintage and consignment store called Dig It. They have a cute little area with old records and they didn’t mind us using the location for photos. There is Roxy’s Ice Cream and, of course, Empire Slice House. Yum! And, let’s not forget about the beautiful graffiti walls!

High school senior girl with dark hair, holding a snowball and standing in front of the black wall at East E Slice Shop in the Plaza District in OKC.
Oklahoma senior girl eating a slice of pizza in the Plaza District in OKC.
Oklahoma Senior girl wearing black pants, red heels, and a floral shirt standing in snow in front of a graffiti wall in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City.

The Paseo District

A choice that can never go wrong is the Paseo District. This place is really cool with the unique, bright walls, white walls, and cute little shops. If you love modern or bright colors, this is the place to go. You can achieve many different styles and looks in this area.

Oklahoma high school senior girl with long dark hair, wearing a heavy coat and black hat, leaning against the wall in the Paseo District in Oklahoma City.
Senior girl with long dark hair, wearing heels and a black coat, walking in the Paseo District in Oklahoma City.
Senior girl with long red hair, pushing a bike with flowers in the bakers in the Paseo District in Oklahoma City by Amanda Lynn.

Downtown OKC & Bricktown

Downtown OKC and bricktown have several cool locations, too. The Devon Tower is a poplar location and just across the street is the Myriad Gardens, which I will discuss in another blog. Your location could be in the outskirts of Bricktown at a one of my favorite coffee shops, All About Cha. The whole area around the coffee house has so many wonderful textures for photos. Want to get photos around the bricktown canal? We can do that, too!

Two senior girls dressed in wither clothing, walking with locked arms in downtown Oklahoma City.
High school senior girl with long hair, standing in front of holly tree in brick town with snow falling by Amanda Lynn.
High school senior girl wearing white winter jacket and pink hat, window shopping in Bricktown in OKC.
Groupshoot of Oklahoma high School seniors standing on brick road in Bricktown in OKC by Amanda Lynn.

Other Popular Locations

Other locations I use in the OKC area include, but certainly not limited to the following:

+ Deep Deuce District

+ Downtown Norman

+ Downtown Guthrie

+ OU/OSU Campuses

+ Wheeler Park District

If you weren’t sure what locations are out there for senior photos, hopefully this helped you out. Are you ready to book a senior session? Use the link below to check out what I offer. ❤️