Senior Style Closet for Oklahoma Seniors by Amanda Lynn Photography February 2019

Amanda Lynn Photography

Senior Style Closet



New this year and open to all high school seniors who book a session with me is my Senior Style Closet. I started purchasing clothing items last fall, and I just can’t stop! I have different clothing items in all sizes, including sweaters, dresses, a few rompers, jackets, and a bunch of accessories. So, how does this benefit you? I love for my seniors to get in as many outfits as possible during their photoshoot and by utilizing clothing items I have in my closet, you can get several different looks without having to completely change your wardrobe. Does this mean you aren’t allowed to change your clothing? Absolutely not. I still want you to bring several outfits that fit your personality and style. That is what makes your photos unique to you. I just want you to have to option of adding clothing items and accessories from my Senior Style Closet.

This gorgeous 2019 high school senior is Meghan. Her senior photoshoot took place in downtown Tulsa in January. Meghan brought some adorable outfits to her session that fit her style and personality, but with a couple of items from my closet, she was able to turn one of her outfits into three different looks!

I ask every senior that books a session with me to fill out a questionnaire so I can learn a little bit about them before their photoshoot. Meghan told me in her questionnaire she likes the colors black and mustard yellow, so I made sure to grab clothing colors that fit her answers.

Meghans super cute and fun outfit

High school senior girl photoshoot in downtown Tulsa.
High school senior girl with blonde hair, wearing black jeans and shirt, standing in front of a glass building in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Close-up image of high school senior girl pulling her blonde hair behind her ear while sitting against a building in downtown Tulsa, OK by Amanda Lynn Photography.


We then added this cute blue jean jacket for a little different look.

High school senior girl wearing black jeans with blue jean jacket, leaning agist a red wall in downtown Tulsa by Amanda Lynn.
High school senior girl looking over her shoulder with beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma sunset behind her by Amanda Lynn Photography.
Oklahoma senior girl wearing casual clothing, sitting on top of a firewood bin in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma by Amanda Lynn.


And finally, we added that yellow shirt for a little pop of color.

Oklahoma high school senior girl posing with her Hummer H3 in an alley in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma by Amanda Lynn Photography.

Meghan was a serious rockstar during her senior session and she is GORGEOUS!

Are you ready to book your senior session? 2019 seniors, now is the time to do it!

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